We Are All In This Together

Why is it that when we dig deep and run hard after our dreams, ambitions or businesses we forget this one key piece of advice?  It doesn’t contain eloquent words or phrases that are hard to remember.  Yet when in the thickets, we often times forget.

It’s natural of course that our lizard brain keeps up from remembering.  It’s natural for us to forget who is right around the corner willing to help.  It’s natural that we feel the urge to blow out the candle before it’s done burning.  But why?

One of the reasons is that forget we are all in this together.  Amazing how after the moment of remembering this, the insecurities of entrepreneurial life lift and confidence sets in like F5 Tornado.  The question then really comes down to, who is the “we”?  And how do you connect with them so that in times of hardship, hard times aren’t so hard?

The “we” is made up of people with similar attitudes, motivations and values.  And they don’t all have to be in the same industry.

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