It’s late.  Yet the thoughts and desires God has planted in me keep me awake.  One question continues to surface:  What kind of an Impact is going to be made this year?

2012 was definitely the year of Influence and God provided many platforms for voices nationwide to speak up and stand for righteousness.  He positioned many believers in influential positions and provided the right training and equipment to operate optimally at that level. But now that 2013 is here, it is time to reconsider your potential and how to take it to the next level.

I’ve chosen to start by creating meaningful moments, strategic in nature and organic enough to help those right where they are.  The friends, the family, the businesses, the influence, the opportunities.  Treating each day as a chance to bring forth goodness and life.

A few ways I’ve created impacts:  Bringing together two obstacles, two people, two industries, two ideas, two groups, two challenges, two opportunities and through those create friction, which will create sparks, which will cultivate the power of God to emerge from within and spread.  

Creating value and effectual change takes a lot of effort.  Thought, selflessness, initiative, persistence, and perseverance to name a few.  But I believe if you’ll be brave enough to lift up your head, reach out a hand, and connect with others, you will create logical environments for God to operate in.  Most importantly of all… the people around you will be grateful you stood up for what you believed in.

I’ll leave this one on a practical note.  Here is a chart I’ve used over the past year.  It’s known as the 30_circle_of_life.  It works.

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