Why Are You Waiting?

There is no reason to wait.  To wait is to be surpassed.  To be surpassed is to be defeated.  To be defeated is to be hopeless.  To be hopeless is to lack the quintessential part of life that keeps the body of a person and a group of people running.  No one person or group can wake up exhilarated and thriving in a world without hope.  But if you would just reach out your hand… 

You will find that our world is currently supporting anybody with a dream, a vision, an idea, anything that contributes value and goodness and points people in a better direction.  

You’ll also find that people are willing to support and give to that kind of cause because they know it needs to be brought forth to fruition.

As many wise entrepreneurs know, the best time to start is now and the worst time to start is later.

So why are you waiting?  The world can’t move forward without you contributing your best.   


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