Rock The Boat

There is a story about a man named Peter that chose to rock the boat.

You can find that full story here.

As for this blog post we are going to learn about how to rock the boat in all aspects of life.  It’s only when we choose to stand up for something we believe in that we are inevitably going to bring forth some shiftings and changes, both positive and negative.

With these shiftings people often feel the sudden need to hold on, attempt to get us to sit back down, protect themselves from incoming water (which depending on the scenario absolutely has the potential to sink everything), as well as convince us it’s not worth the unforeseen activities and consequences that could come down the road.

However one thing remains:  In order to create both real and perceived value that lasts, we must take action at a magnitude unreasonable to most.  Unreasonable actions tend to lead to wide-spread reasonable beliefs.

Rock a boat, rock yourself, rock the people, rock the water, rock the land.  In all reality, once you rock one thing, you are going to rock what’s next to it.  The best way to change the world is to have great enough faith to start rocking and then step out of the boat.


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