Tomorrow Is Today

For many, life tends to be working towards tomorrow’s activities, connections and successes.  A lot of time is spent thinking, planning, and striving for influence and attention.

But what if the striving, planning and thinking about influence and attention was what was keeping it from you?  We are called to be influential, successful, prosperous, grounded in faith, and good managers of what is entrusted to us.  There is obviously no question about that.

One common reason some struggle is that they have hope for a future reality of influence, instead of a true realization of today’s.  Living to be influential one day is not as fulfilling as being influential every day.

An example:  In the morning when I wake up, instead of thinking about how to gain influence, I just choose to BE influence.  If I AM influence, then I cannot obtain it as an object of the future.

Today is a great day to choose to be something else.


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