I could do that, but what about this?

Isn’t it strange that life seemingly presents more than one good opportunity at any given time?

And having to choose between them gets even more difficult as you move along your educational journey?

I’ve experienced this over and over again in my life.  The best way to deal with them I’ve found:  FILTERS.

First, Your Why:  What’s your end goal, desire and purpose in life?  How does each opportunity contribute or take away from that desired state?

Second, Your Filter(s):  A filter is a lens that can be changed intermittently.  Filters and lenses are important because they help you see past many obstacles and hurdles, inform you of upcoming distractions, and keep you aware of both successful opportunities and hazardous threats.

Examples of filters:  Health filter, career filter, spiritual filter, relationship filter, education filter.  How is this education helping me and what can I do better to reach my end desired state quicker?  Stop reading textbooks and find some real books? Probably.

To apply a filter, attempt to pull back emotionally from any situation you are in and look at it from above (satellite view I call it).  When looking down you can often see things that you can’t see while on the ground.  It will allow a “third party” to get involved that can analyze the situation practically and give you unbiased feedback.  Sure mentors can help, but they can’t always be their every time you need them.

Ever watch a football game from peanut heaven?:

“Oh brother, why didn’t they run a different play?”  Unfortunately they couldn’t see what you could see but how you wish they could!

When you come to crossroads in life, instead of stepping out in faith, why not take a step up in faith first?  Look down, find your next move, then step forward in faith and to your future.


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