Two-Ply Toilet Paper And Tug-of-War

First, let’s start with a definition.  The basic understanding of influence is to have the capacity to change the character, development or behavior of someone or something.

So influence can really be boiled down into two-plys (or categories): both the internal and the external.

The internal influence we create establishes the trust, transparency, respect and love within our inner circle of loyalists, advocates and supporters.  With that comes support to build out an external influence to show others what it is like to live and be a part of who you/we are (person, company, cause).  Meaningful growth should always start this way.

Now our internal and external groups are grown and nurtured by different motivating factors.   So each time you reach out to grow your external environment there is a tug-of-war going on with your internal supporters.  Yes, they support you, but if you try to leave them they will fight hard to keep you around.  Why?  Because more often than not (but not always) they appreciate you being around because you do most of the influencing for them.  You may have strong supporters on your team, but they may be taking from your passion, your energy and your influence in order to hide their inactivity and unbelief.  Trust me, just like sitting on a couch watching a sports game, it is much easier to bask in someone else’s glory then to muster up enough boldness to do it yourself.

So how should you go about solving this?

Well, the best way I’ve found to overcome this “tug-of-war between the influences” is to just let go of the rope.  Then grab another rope in front of you that connects your external influence with your calling.  This tug is worth the fight and you will probably realize you should have never been holding the first rope to begin with.

Then as you navigate through life, discerning others intentions and protecting yourself from those who keep you compliant, selfish and weak, you will find new strength.  The strong, the brave and the courageous live the most influential lives of all and now you can associate with them.

They are on a misson that allows wanderers to become followers, followers to become enthusiasts and a good majority of the competition’s consumer base to become over-whelmed with jealousy until they begin to crave a different, more prosperous internal environment.

Management of the influences is the turn-key to a boisterous and rambunctious business life that draws people in and then sends people out.  Turn-key, turn-key, turn-key.  And then on and on we grow…


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