Tomorrow Is Today

For many, life tends to be working towards tomorrow’s activities, connections and successes.  A lot of time is spent thinking, planning, and striving for influence and attention.

But what if the striving, planning and thinking about influence and attention was what was keeping it from you?  We are called to be influential, successful, prosperous, grounded in faith, and good managers of what is entrusted to us.  There is obviously no question about that.

One common reason some struggle is that they have hope for a future reality of influence, instead of a true realization of today’s.  Living to be influential one day is not as fulfilling as being influential every day.

An example:  In the morning when I wake up, instead of thinking about how to gain influence, I just choose to BE influence.  If I AM influence, then I cannot obtain it as an object of the future.

Today is a great day to choose to be something else.


Why Are You Waiting?

There is no reason to wait.  To wait is to be surpassed.  To be surpassed is to be defeated.  To be defeated is to be hopeless.  To be hopeless is to lack the quintessential part of life that keeps the body of a person and a group of people running.  No one person or group can wake up exhilarated and thriving in a world without hope.  But if you would just reach out your hand… 

You will find that our world is currently supporting anybody with a dream, a vision, an idea, anything that contributes value and goodness and points people in a better direction.  

You’ll also find that people are willing to support and give to that kind of cause because they know it needs to be brought forth to fruition.

As many wise entrepreneurs know, the best time to start is now and the worst time to start is later.

So why are you waiting?  The world can’t move forward without you contributing your best.   


The Power of a Platform

Enables You to…

  • Influence
  • Change
  • Support
  • Grow
  • Contribute
  • Innovate
  • Improve Upon
  • Care
  • Share
  • Give and,
  • Impact…

Every thing.  Every person.  Every peer group.  Every community.  Every church.  Every workplace.  Every city, every state, and every government.  Anytime, any place, any way you want to.

The world you wake up to every morning isn’t waiting for me or anyone else, it’s waiting for you…Image


It’s late.  Yet the thoughts and desires God has planted in me keep me awake.  One question continues to surface:  What kind of an Impact is going to be made this year?

2012 was definitely the year of Influence and God provided many platforms for voices nationwide to speak up and stand for righteousness.  He positioned many believers in influential positions and provided the right training and equipment to operate optimally at that level. But now that 2013 is here, it is time to reconsider your potential and how to take it to the next level.

I’ve chosen to start by creating meaningful moments, strategic in nature and organic enough to help those right where they are.  The friends, the family, the businesses, the influence, the opportunities.  Treating each day as a chance to bring forth goodness and life.

A few ways I’ve created impacts:  Bringing together two obstacles, two people, two industries, two ideas, two groups, two challenges, two opportunities and through those create friction, which will create sparks, which will cultivate the power of God to emerge from within and spread.  

Creating value and effectual change takes a lot of effort.  Thought, selflessness, initiative, persistence, and perseverance to name a few.  But I believe if you’ll be brave enough to lift up your head, reach out a hand, and connect with others, you will create logical environments for God to operate in.  Most importantly of all… the people around you will be grateful you stood up for what you believed in.

I’ll leave this one on a practical note.  Here is a chart I’ve used over the past year.  It’s known as the 30_circle_of_life.  It works.

What if all it took was action?

There has never been a time in history where the barriers to entry have been lower.  The barriers of influence, prosperity, health, wealth, professional growth, career acceleration, eccetera have been on the decrease.  And even more so for young student entrepreneurs.

When looking back at the realities of your career, existence, and influence.. will you be able to confidently say you took  advantage of the best opportunity the “world market” ever gave you?

Today, you can connect and share so quickly.  What is even better, is that the world market is standing and waiting for you to speak up with ears wide open (and check books too).

Actions can be simple or complex, but one action a day keeps regret away.Image

We Are All In This Together

Why is it that when we dig deep and run hard after our dreams, ambitions or businesses we forget this one key piece of advice?  It doesn’t contain eloquent words or phrases that are hard to remember.  Yet when in the thickets, we often times forget.

It’s natural of course that our lizard brain keeps up from remembering.  It’s natural for us to forget who is right around the corner willing to help.  It’s natural that we feel the urge to blow out the candle before it’s done burning.  But why?

One of the reasons is that forget we are all in this together.  Amazing how after the moment of remembering this, the insecurities of entrepreneurial life lift and confidence sets in like F5 Tornado.  The question then really comes down to, who is the “we”?  And how do you connect with them so that in times of hardship, hard times aren’t so hard?

The “we” is made up of people with similar attitudes, motivations and values.  And they don’t all have to be in the same industry.

What Matters The Most

What matters the most is not who you are, who you know, or what you can do.  It’s more about what you can start, improve upon and market to find those who are willing to fall in love with it.  True art is appreciated and shared, not pushed or mass-marketed.

The connection-economy in which we now live will no longer be based on mass absorption but individualized picking and choosing that leads each consumer down a personalized path of profitability.  What matters the most is not what matters to society at large…

It’s what you do for those who love you and your product.

Why Does Evan Blog?

Entrepreneur, Avid Reader and Passionate Dreamer

Entrepreneur, Avid Reader and Passionate Dreamer

I blog because I enjoy bringing my art and creativity to the world.  I don’t blog because I have to, I blog because I want to.  It brings freedom and a platform to reach those who cannot always reach me.  It also enables me to have daily inspirations and share locally owned wisdom I’ve gained through daily experiences at the Folioboy.  Why read Evan’s blogs?  Maybe you are an entrepreneur, passionate enthusiast, starter, someone who wants to participate in greatness and then create their own, a dreamer, a believer, a student or even better, someone who just can’t let the world stay broken.  Those are the readers I blog to reach out to, as well as those who I have already reached.  Enjoy my art, and connect with me on twiiter @folioboy @evanjkirsch, on facebook /folioboy  /evan.kirsch, and on LinkedIn /in/ejkirsch.